Freshers Page!

Hi there, you’ve probably clicked on this page because you’re interested in BrassSoc. Well here’s a brief look at what we do.

We have:

  • Our Main Band – Unauditioned rehearsals every Wednesday at 5pm in the ensemble room
  • Beginners’ Brass – The perfect band if you haven’t played before but want to learn
  • Intermediate Brass – The ensemble for you if you’ve played before, but want to improve
  • Symphonic Brass – Our only auditioned group with 10 players

If you want to learn, or just try something new, we have our own instruments! So you don’t even need to own one, just come along and have a try!

In week 1 term 1 everyone is welcome to come to our main rehearsal at 5pm on Wednesday 5th October in the ensemble room!

If you want to join, or are just unsure, put your email in the box below and we’ll keep you up-to-date on the happenings of our society in the coming weeks.